No-Bake Peanut Butter/Chocolate Bites

Here’s a sweet treat combining that all-time favorite combo of peanut butter and chocolate that works at home or on the go. Especially yummy when it’s paired with an ice cold glass of skim milk, this one comes in at just 75 calories with just 4 grams of sugar. The rolled oats make it even more guilt free if you’re looking to include more whole grains, too.

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Tackle Your Yard with Safety in Mind

With the days of late summer fading out, you’re starting to police the yard and deciding what to tackle once cooler temperatures prevail. Before the first leaf falls (if you live someplace where the seasons noticeably change), you can start ridding the deck of spent potted flowers, prepping a fresh patch of ground for bulb planting, clearing yard debris, cutting back shrubs, touching up the porch paint — you get the picture.

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The Brain Game: Body and Mind Fitness as You Age

Senior couple working on crossword puzzle together

There is always dialogue about increasing and maintaining physical activity for better overall health. Staying active, plus a healthy diet; a good night’s sleep; less stress; a go-to support system of family and friends; more work-life balance; avoiding excess alcohol (no more than a daily glass of red wine or less); and not smoking, with a dash of all of the other preventive measures (inclusive of consulting your doctor), equals the right recipe for staying on track to becoming fit. And if you’ve got an existing condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity (as well as diabetes), it’s time to gain and maintain control of those loose cannons as well, to reduce risks of heart disease, heart attack, or stroke down the road.

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Zucchini and Date Muffins

zucchini muffinHello, healthy, satisfying, and portable breakfast. Here’s another one making the most of fresh fruits and veggies, whether you’ve brought home a bagful from the farmers’ market or supermarket. Make these muffins the night before, then grab and go. At just 145 calories, with just 5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of sugar, per serving, this recipe also offers 4 grams of protein with 3 grams of fiber. (They’re a good source of potassium, too, at 175 mgs.)

(Serves 12)

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