Fruit cocktail with coconut cubes and shaved coconut, mixed with cream cheese

Remember this cool and classic fruit-filled dessert? This luscious blast from the past breaks the mold with an updated mix of low-fat yogurt (a good source of calcium). It finishes off a meal nicely (or serves as a sweet snack!) at just 139 calories, 2 mg cholesterol, 2 g fat, 3 g protein, and 27 mg sodium, along with 26 g sugar.

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Skinny Pizza

Ingredients for tacos : various fresh organic vegetables and tortillas on rustic background

Guilt-free pizza? That’s a yes! Crispy flour tortillas hold lots of veggies, so pile them on. A little goes a long way with cheese, but you’re using fat-free and reduced-fat versions, so you can live a little. This meal inspires creativity, too — especially if you set up a pizza-making station to have your kids choose their own toppings! Use the suggested veggies here, or swap in your favorites.*

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Low-Carb Artichoke Chicken Wraps

Here’s a different take on traditional flour wraps, with crepes as the new stars. These make a light-yet-luscious lunch for a Saturday afternoon among friends, a savory weeknight meal, or a make-ahead treat for the grown-up lunchbox to bring to work. Prepping only takes about 10 minutes, then it’s in the oven for 20.

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Smothered Greens

We’re getting our “southern” on with this dish that combines your pick of good-for-you leafy greens together, or, pick your favorite, from collard to kale, mustard to turnip! At just 80 calories per serving ‒ only 16 mg cholesterol, 2 g fat, and 378 mg sodium ‒ this is a mouth-watering take on a classic (and a great source of potassium too, at 472 mg). Add this satisfying “side” to chicken or fish!

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Grilled Spice-Rubbed Salmon

Salmon is a superb choice for one of your two recommended servings of fish each week, especially because it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, known to help lower cholesterol (reducing the chance of heart disease). Here’s a 190-calorie recipe that’s high in protein (23 g), and low in fat (9 g), with (bonus!) a zesty rub that you can also use for other types of fish or chicken.

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