Cuban Salad

Fresh garden salad with diced red pepper, green onions, sliced radish and chopped romaine lettuce(Serves 4)

This light, bright salad is the perfect pairing with a sandwich or hearty soup. Radishes are the stars here, along with other familiar salad fixings, all topped with a citrusy dressing (but feel free to enhance those with your favorites!). Low in calories (39), you can control the current sodium amount (49 mg) by how much you sprinkle in (or use a salt substitute). This recipe offers a good amount of calcium (30 mg) and potassium, too (202 mg). Continue reading

Gluten-free Barbeque Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets and sauce on a wooden background

(Serves 4)

Need a quick and light meal to munch alongside some raw veggies on a weeknight, or to satisfy the fans watching the playoffs? You’ve got it. Whether for a few, or for the crowd (just double the recipe!), everybody likes bite-sized barbeque! It’s also gluten-free, at just 290 calories, 75 g cholesterol, 10 g total fat, 485 mg sodium, plus 26 g protein. Score!           Continue reading

Pumpkin Parfait

pumpkin butter Greek yogurt parfait. toning. selective focus(Serves 6)

It’s pumpkin time again, so the hunt is always on to find new ways to use this fall favorite. Using canned pumpkin makes it an easy dessert, and you can also include this one on the brunch buffet! Enjoy at just 226 calories, 40 g carbs, 6 g cholesterol, 5 g fat, 29 g sugar. A good source of calcium (240 g), potassium (461 g), and protein (8 g), too.        Continue reading

Chicken, Mushroom, and Barley Soup

Homemade mushroom soup with millet and vegetables in white plate(Serves 8)

Ahhh, soup! This one is flavorful, hearty, and nutritious, and should get you in the mood for fall right around the corner. Each one-cup serving is only 130 calories with just 12 g of carbs, 3 g fat, 260 mg of sodium, and 4 g of sugar, with good sources of both protein (15 g) and potassium (520 mg). Pick up pre-cooked rotisserie chicken in the grocery store as a time-saver, if you’re short on time to cook the chicken yourself, or if you don’t already have leftover chicken. Preparation is fast, whether you make it the night before or for same-day servings. It travels well for kids’ lunches, too!  Continue reading

Oat-Banana Breakfast Cookies

Home made cookies made of cereal and fruits(Serves 14)

Dessert for breakfast? Not really! Yet these cookies can certainly do double-duty in the morning as a healthier grab-and-go breakfast choice, paired up with a cup of fruit, or as an after-school (or after-dinner!) snack. Just 112 calories each, with zero cholesterol, just 6 g of fat, and 84 g sodium, these potassium-rich (147 mg) nibbles also boast 2 g each of fiber and protein.  Continue reading

Fruit Skewers with Yogurt Dip

Fresh-fruit kebab, shallow depth(Serves 4)

Kid-friendly, but satisfying for any crowd, these refreshing fruit “kebabs” are a welcome addition to the breakfast, brunch, or picnic table. Pretty on a platter, use as an “anytime” fruit starter or light dessert because this recipe can easily multiply. And with each serving of two fruit skewers with 1 ½ tablespoons of dip adding up to just 71 calories, plus zero cholesterol and fat, you can indulge a bit! Low in carbs (18 g) and sodium too (10 mg), you also get 2 g of fiber, 1 g of protein, and 174 mgs of potassium. Continue reading

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflowern Chou-Fleur Rôtie au Four(Serves 6)

From cauliflower “rice” to cauliflower pizza crust, this versatile veggie is a good-for-you choice, even in its simplest form, whether raw, grilled, steamed, or roasted! This option is easy, and the cooking time (just 15 to 20 minutes in the oven) makes this a go-to side for any gathering, at only 75 calories, and just 5 g total fat. It’s a good source of potassium, too (420 mg).   Continue reading

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Healthy Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Carrots

(Serves 6)

Talk about a time saver! Grilling season is in full swing, and if chicken is a fave of family and friends, you may have leftovers on hand. This recipe includes some savory Asian influences, like peanut sauce and scallions, but putting this together couldn’t be easier or faster. It’ll just look like you spent more time on it! Check out the “light” factor, too, coming in at just 65 calories, with 2.5 g of total fat. (Using lean, white meat instead of dark cuts the fat as well.) Carbohydrates come in at 2 g, cholesterol is 25 mg, and sugar just 1 g, with 9 g of protein.
Continue reading