Green Juice Smoothie

This smoothie provides a quick, refreshing start to the day, and is a light energy-booster prior to a workout. At just 80 calories, with 2 grams of protein, it’s low in fat (just 0.5 grams!) and sugar, too (15 grams). It’s also got no cholesterol and delivers a good source of potassium (370 m.). Drink it up and start your engine!

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It’s Still a Party With Diabetes

A house party, during the holidays or anytime, always begs the question, “What can I bring?”

If you have diabetes, there is a conscious effort to choose something that you can not only eat, but that will be just as delicious as all of the other goodies on the table. You want to be able to enjoy the spread as much as the next person (albeit with some restrictions), but also adhere to your own health guidelines without drawing attention, or making anyone else feel uncomfortable.

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