The Holiday Table: Good Karma and Family Drama

HolidayTable_FamilyDramaKarmaMost people don’t always get along all of the time, and families are no exception. The holidays (with their own emotional roller coaster of demands and deadlines) just seem to bring out those conflicts more than any other time of the year. Minor slights, disappointments, and differences of opinion can get amplified, even before that first slice of turkey hits the plate. (In other words, football isn’t the only sporting event that draws a crowd!) Dealing with the drama diplomatically and effectively can mean the difference between making happy memories (actually wanting to see each other again), and dreading the next encounter. Continue reading

Hard Conversations for Adult Children With Aging Parents

Adult Daughter Talking To Depressed Father At Home

Parents are the touch stones of our lives. Warm memories of learning to ride a bike, toss a baseball, or swim for the first time, not only bring us back to a moment in time growing up. They also take a vivid picture of parents at a much younger age, when they were likely more active and energetic. While many now-much older parents may still remain active, healthy, and social well into their later years, there are those seniors who may be losing a bit off of their “fast ball” and slowing down a bit in a number of ways. It’s a challenge that both aging parents and their adult children face.   Continue reading

Talk to Your Kids About: Alcohol

It’s “every parent’s nightmare”Mother and Daughter Talking to lose a child. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), says that 29 people die in cars each day as a result of drinking and driving. Underage drinkers age 12 to 20 drink 11 percent of all alcohol in the U.S., with more than 90 percent of it consumed by binge drinking (drinking to excess). But whether someone underage starts drinking because of peer pressure or depression; whether they get behind the wheel while impaired and hurt themselves (or someone else); or die due to alcohol poisoning, another accident, or suicide, talking to kids about alcohol’s dangers can help avoid tragedy.

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