Turkey and Cucumber Sandwich

fresh vegetarian sandwich with garlic cheese dip salad on rustic table(Serves 4)

This sandwich might remind you of daintier “finger” versions used for high tea. But this take on turkey with cucumber is both savory and satisfying, coming in at 245 calories as prepared, with only 2 g of fat and 21 g of protein. You’ll get nice boosts of calcium (239 mg) and potassium (203 mg), too. Use regular turkey breast, or shave off the salt by using fat-free, low-sodium deli turkey (317 mg sodium). Increase your whole-grain intake by going all whole grain, the whole way, if you choose. And why not enjoy a cup of tea as well?

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Fruit cocktail with coconut cubes and shaved coconut, mixed with cream cheese

Remember this cool and classic fruit-filled dessert? This luscious blast from the past breaks the mold with an updated mix of low-fat yogurt (a good source of calcium). It finishes off a meal nicely (or serves as a sweet snack!) at just 139 calories, 2 mg cholesterol, 2 g fat, 3 g protein, and 27 mg sodium, along with 26 g sugar.

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Skinny Pizza

Ingredients for tacos : various fresh organic vegetables and tortillas on rustic background

Guilt-free pizza? That’s a yes! Crispy flour tortillas hold lots of veggies, so pile them on. A little goes a long way with cheese, but you’re using fat-free and reduced-fat versions, so you can live a little. This meal inspires creativity, too — especially if you set up a pizza-making station to have your kids choose their own toppings! Use the suggested veggies here, or swap in your favorites.*

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Low-Carb Artichoke Chicken Wraps

Here’s a different take on traditional flour wraps, with crepes as the new stars. These make a light-yet-luscious lunch for a Saturday afternoon among friends, a savory weeknight meal, or a make-ahead treat for the grown-up lunchbox to bring to work. Prepping only takes about 10 minutes, then it’s in the oven for 20.

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Green Juice Smoothie

This smoothie provides a quick, refreshing start to the day, and is a light energy-booster prior to a workout. At just 80 calories, with 2 grams of protein, it’s low in fat (just 0.5 grams!) and sugar, too (15 grams). It’s also got no cholesterol and delivers a good source of potassium (370 m.). Drink it up and start your engine!

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