Celery with Apricot Blue Cheese Spread

What’s yummy to bring for an easy appetizer (or just have as a snack)? We’ve got you covered, with this simple and satisfying combo that offers crunch along with the blending of cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, and yogurt.





Celery is a no-brainer, so fill it up with the good stuff at just 140 calories per serving. A good source of calcium (200 mg) and potassium, too (408 mg), with just 6 g of fat, the spread also does double-duty on a whole-grain cracker!


(Serves 4)


2 tbsps. crumbled blue cheese*

3 tbsps. fat-free cream cheese

½ cup fat-free yogurt (plain)

4 dried apricots

4 dried figs or dates

¼ cup pecans**

8 stalks celery (straight, rigid stalks with fresh leaves)


Chop the dried fruit and pecans. Mix blue cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt with a fork or hand mixer until smooth. Stir in the chopped, dried fruit, and pecans. Refrigerate the spread until it’s ready for use.

Slice celery stalks into 3-4 inch sticks, fill them with the spread, and serve on a platter.

*(If you’re pregnant: Avoid blue cheese, or other soft cheeses, in case unpasteurized milk was used. Reason: There could be a higher chance of bacteria that could potentially infect the baby or affect delivery.)

 **(Don’t like pecans? Substitute with almonds or walnuts. If you’re allergic to nuts, leave them out, or try pumpkin or sunflower seeds. New ingredients may change nutritional values.

Recipe adapted from www.whatscooking.fns.usda.gov


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