Practice Mindfulness

Concentration. Energy. Focus. Inner peace. Relaxation. Couldn’t we all use a little more of those things?

We live in a hurry-up world; it’s sometimes tough to stop and smell the roses (let alone remind ourselves to do so!). The practice of mindfulness (being acutely aware of what we’re experiencing “in the moment” and without judgment), helps us seize the small opportunities life hands us, to take a moment, and take it down a notch. Mindfulness can help to cope with anxiety, depression, or stress; to manage or reduce high blood pressure; increase concentration, elevate mood; plus improve both memory and sleep quality.

Start slowly and build toward a “15-minute daily awareness” routine over time. (For deeper, eyes-closed mindful meditation, find a quiet place in the a.m., or before bedtime, to center and clear your mind.)

Try to:

Slowly savor every bite. Enjoy each taste and texture in that favorite salad, from cranberry to walnut. Eating mindfully aids digestion and also helps you feel full faster!

Just breathe. Breathe in slowly through the nose and slowly let it out through the mouth for a count of 10. Repeat three times.

Re-awaken your senses. Take in a flower’s scent and shape, the smoothness of a beach stone, or a twisted twig on a walking path. Try listening to a favorite song from a fresh perspective.

Whether re-discovering something that’s familiar, or experiencing something new with openness, mindfulness can enhance daily life.


By Lisa Miceli Feliciano

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