Project Manage Your Work Stress

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You excel at work, routinely seeing projects through successfully. Now how about project-managing your work stress in the same way?

As much as you can stay calm, cool and collected amid the office mayhem, you still may be sitting on some stress during that commute home. The trick is to identify what’s triggering your stress, and take steps to manage it – just like any project that you might be tackling. Keep in mind that what’s causing you stress may not bother someone else in the same way. Finding your own personal way to deal with stress is key.

Here are a few tips:

Admit that you’re stressed out! Stress happens to the best of us, plus, you can’t be in denial and hope to handle it well. Recognize there’s an issue – that’s the first step.

Change your circumstances and hit the “reset” button. Maybe it’s a big project with a short deadline, and there’s little time to take a break or get a good night’s sleep. Attempt to discuss a more realistic time frame with your supervisor and then look for ways to manage expectations and your time better. Set boundaries. Get some air (even if it’s for five minutes, you’ll be more productive when you return). Start moving (30 minutes of exercise, five times a week will give you more energy, plus your heart and blood pressure will thank you!). Fuel up with plan-ahead healthier meals.

Avoid stressful people and situations (or confront them). If it’s a person’s behavior that irks you, always be pleasant and professional, but try to avoid them, if possible. If you’re willing to risk clearing the air, do so diplomatically and constructively, versus letting something fester. Avoid the blame game, or a re-hash of past disagreements. Instead, focus on the ways that you can both feel more comfortable around each other.

Accept and let go, or adapt, adjust, and roll with it. If you’re too idealistic, and people or circumstances disappoint you, you may have to adjust your expectations. Talk it out with someone you trust. Find a fresh perspective. Trade anger for forgiveness. Create a positive mantra when you get stuck in negativity. Be thankful and look at the bigger picture.

You’re never powerless when it comes to your own well-being!


By Lisa Miceli Feliciano

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