Sunny-Side Up: Maintaining Your Optimism

Staying Optimistic

Hey, life happens. If only we could all acknowledge when day-to-day challenges sometimes push us a little too far. We’ve all been there; the day starts out with promise, we rise, we shine, and are raring to go. Then, we get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, our drive-through coffee order is all wrong, and a can’t-miss meeting gets moved up, right in the middle of some long- anticipated time off. It’s a ripple effect of a day gone wrong.

Do we shake it off, chalking it up to an off-day and move on?  (Better still, do we walk it off and use exercise as a stress reliever?) Studies have long-shown the health benefits of being optimistic and active, and they can really go hand-in-hand toward helping us be happier and healthier, and extending our lives. That winning combination can serve to:

  • Bolster the immune system to help combat illness.
  • Reduce daily stress and alleviate or manage depression, while improving coping skills.
  • Improve cardiovascular health and quality of sleep.

Sometimes our own imperfect lives can get the best of us, and it’s easy to get aggravated or short-tempered, even as we say “Glass half-full! Glass half-full!” like a mantra, while trying to maintain some balance. Let’s keep things in perspective, spot-check for negativity and stay positive. Give those around us (and ourselves!) a break when we fall short of expectations. If we maintain a sense of balance and a sense of humor about life’s circumstances, we may just find that it all gets a little easier!


By Lisa Miceli Feliciano

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